"I’m into, uh, well, murders and executions, mostly"

American Psycho (2000)

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Title: In a Manner of Speaking
Artist: Nouvelle Vague

In a manner of speaking I don’t understand
How love in silence becomes reprimand
But the way that I feel about you
Is beyond words


The name’s Sherlock Holmes

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King by tillieke

Am I the current king of England?
You do know we don’t have a king…?

He’s the king of crime solving ;)

For the first time ever I quite like how the hair turned out even though it took ages to draw, as did the coat. I really dislike drawing that Belstaff.

The crown is referenced from a few photos of a Hiddleston photoshoot as I wanted a quite simple crown to fit with the mood.

Dedicated to Cumberbum because she’s great!

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i have a heart i once hid// but now it’s where i hide

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[swallows lit cigarette] arctic monkeys

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I want to solve the problem. Our problem. The Final Problem. It’s going to start very soon, Sherlock. The Fall. But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying except there’s a more permanent destination.

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Love, leave me like the light,
The gently passing day;
We would not know, but for the night,
When it has slipped away.
**on semi-hiatus due to AS level exam preparation until May/June**